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Simplifying selling one item at a time


Small Threads For Kids wants to help you earn money from old items you no longer want. Downsizing has never been so attractive or easy! We accept gently used, high-quality goods and pay a percentage of what we sell them for. With our loyal customer base and high product turnover rates, items never stay at Small Threads For Kids for long.

Consigning with Small Threads for Kids is simple — bring us your gently pre-owned items in good condition (6 items anytime or 35 items with an appointment) and we will take it from there. Our sales associates are experts at setting attractive yet profitable prices. When your items sell you receive 40% in-store credit or you can opt to take a check later for a small fee.  We will keep your items in the store for 60 days.  If they don't sell you can pick them up or you leave them and we will donate them on your behalf.  Contact us for more details about our selling policy and start earning today!